Traditions and Meanings

Standard Tradition Everyone Knows

We are all familiar with the old saying: 
something old 
something new 
something borrowed 
something blue 
...but few of us know the last line which goes: 
...and a silver sixpence in your shoe 
Each phrase represents a superstition important to a bride on her wedding day, and is traditionally represented by an item of clothing or jewelry (something old) represent her past (something new) represents her future (something borrowed) is to remind her of the support of others (something blue) stands as a sign of her faithfulness, and the silver sixpence?

A wish for her prosperity!

Blue Garters

The custom of throwing the bride’s blue garter to the male guests dates from the fourteenth century and mirrors the throwing of the bouquet.
The blue color symbolizes purity, love and faithfulness.

Cutting of the Wedding Cake

The bride and groom traditionally cut the first slice of wedding cake together using a silver knife, to ensure their eternal happiness.

Traditional Ring Finger

The third finger on the left hand is considered the ring finger. 
All engagement and wedding rings are worn there because centuries ago that finger was believed to be connected by a vein directly to the heart.