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Bridal Party Seating

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Protocol

Seating During Ceremony:

Left Side - Bride's family/Honored Guests/Guests/Altar

Right Side - Groom's Family/Honored Guests/Guests


The Head Table 

The focus of the reception room should be the head table. The head table is where the bride and groom and their attendants should sit during dinner

Since this table will be the focus of the room, it should be decorated in accordance with your floral and color theme. Centerpieces should be kept low so that you can see over them. The table could also be decorated on the outside edges with bows, cascades of tulle, beading or pearls, or perhaps garlands of fresh greens and flowers. A florist who specializes in weddings should be able to take care of the decorations for you.

Children, spouses or guests of your attendants, and your parents do not usually sit at the head table unless you have a very small wedding party and wish to include them. Parents usually act as hosts at another table for honored guests. The parents table might also include the clergy, grandparents, and siblings.