Frequently Asked Questions

-How long does it to take to ship the wedding veil? Within 48 hours; often 24 hours.

-Can I ship to a PO box? Yes, we do ship to PO boxes.

-Where does the veil ship from? Right in the heart of the United States - Missouri.

-Do you charge taxes on the order? There are no taxes charged.

-What forms of payment are accepted? Paypal (online payment) and major credit cards are accepted.

-What is your return policy?

We sell only brand new veils, which is why we do not refund purchases.  Valuveil does have an exchange policy. You can exchange your veil for another if you do not like it or change your mind on what you want. 

-Why do you have a no refund policy?

Unfortunately, we found on some occasions that a veil would be ordered, and after the wedding, the customer would want to return it. This happened frequently enough to where we had to adopt a no refund policy. We stand behind our products 100%, so it is difficult for us to state we have a no return policy - but it was something we had to do.

-Are your veils really hand-made? Yes!

-What colors of wedding veils do you sell? White, ivory, and black.

-How long has Valuveil been in business? Since 2000.

-What is different about Valuveil?

There is plenty different about us - our prices, and the fact they are hand-made, just to name a couple reasons we are different. 

-I sent you an email. When should I expect a response?

You should receive a response quickly - generally 4-12 hours, but sometimes during busy times a response can take up to one day.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.