Wedding Party Duties

Maid/Matron of honor 
*Helps the bride with addressing envelopes, recording wedding gifts, shopping, and other important pre-wedding tasks.
*Arranges a bridal shower (with bridesmaids)
*Helps the bride dress for the ceremony (with bridesmaids).
*Helps the bride arrange her train and veil at the altar 
*Holds the grooms ring until the appropriate point in the ceremony 
*Holds brides bouquet while she exchanges rings with the groom 
*Signs the wedding certificate (with best man) as witness of the wedding 
*Helps the bride change clothes after the reception 
*Takes charge of the bridal gown after the wedding 

* Help organize and run the bridal shower.
* Keep a gift record at the shower (usually one bridesmaid only).
* Assist the maid of honor and the bride with pre-wedding shopping or other task
* Help the bride dress for the ceremony (with maid of honor)

Best Man 
* Organize the bachelor party/dinner (optional) 
* Drives groom to the ceremony 
* Holds the brides ring until the appropriate point in the ceremony
* Gives payment check to the officiate either just before or just after the ceremony (the money is customarily provided by the groom and his family) 
* Returns the grooms attire (if rented) 

* Arrive at the wedding location early to assist with setup 
* See to important finishing touches, such as lighting candles (if this is required), tying bows on reserved rows of seating and other tasks as required 
* Escort guests to their seats (groomsmen can also do this if you have no ushers)
* Roll out aisle runner immediately before processional 
* Straighten up and clean after ceremony 
* Oversee transfer of all gifts to a secure location after reception 
* Help decorate newlyweds car. 

Flower girls are usually under the age eight otherwise they can be junior bridesmaid