About Valuveil Wedding Veils

Thank you for your interest in our wedding veils. If you are on this web site, you are probably considering purchasing a wedding veil, black gothic wedding veil, bridal wrap, or just want some general information about our company. We understand the anxiety that can go with purchasing anything for a wedding, and a wedding veil is no exception.

Valuveil was started as a hobby by Norma Pearson, of Independence, Missouri. While caring for her last child and disabled husband, she began sewing wedding veils as something to pass the time. She had been sewing all her life, and had experience sewing clothes and other wedding apparel. After numerous compliments and a friend recommendation, she began selling her wedding veils on various auction web sites.

Her veils proved to be popular, and she soon found herself making more and more. It was unique in that all of her veils were hand-made, and still are to this day. Norma would eventually need a little bit of help with all the orders she was getting, as she later became a full time maker of wedding veils. Even with the numerous orders, the veils were always made by hand and never ordered in bulk from a supplier in the United States or another country, as this seems to be common in the wedding business.

Valuveil was formed in 2000, and the web site was established in 2004. Norma would begin selling her wedding veils on the web site in addition to selling on auction sites, as she did previously. She has received over thousands of positive comments and the highest ratings in every category.

In addition to being all hand-made, what made Norma's veils stand out is they were not sold at the high prices you would come to expect from wedding apparel. Valuveil proved to be ideal for those on a budget and didn't want to spend the high dollar for a veil in a shop.

In 2005, Valuveil began selling to their first wedding shop, and soon added several others in the United States and in the United Kingdom. As of 2010, Valuveil is a regular supplier of about a dozen shops, which occasional orders from many others across the globe. If you are buying from a shop, there is a chance you are buying a veil hand-made by Valuveil. What we offer on our web site are the same bridal veils at a fraction of the price.

Valuveil originally sold wholesale packages to shops, but opened up the wholesale services for consumers interested in the bridal business as well. The wholesale wedding veil packages are a favorite of shops, as it's harder to find a better price and reputation. The wholesale packages are also available to consumers as well. The wholesale packages include black gothic wedding veils, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Norma is still the owner of Valuveil, and still guarantees the same quality she did when she started making wedding veils as a hobby in 1999.

Thank you again for your interest in the company. If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to use our contact form and someone will get back to you quickly.